The programs at Organic Garden Preschool were created with the developmental needs of children in mind. Here, your child will be genuinely treated as part of the family.

We know that the largest percentage of brain development occurs by 6 years of age, and therefore, these early years of life are critical to forming the foundations for later life experiences, character, learning, thought patterns, relationships, and overall productivity and well-being. We focus on nurturing key-related building blocks of development at every level to feed long-term success.

As the basis for doing so, we offer a balanced, caring approach in a nature-rich environment, where an emergent, largely open-ended, and play-focused curriculum are central. We know valuable life learning happens naturally and most powerfully within meaningful interactions with engaged caregivers, in healthy environments, and through enriching experiences. In our program, these are given intentional focus with particular attention to each child’s unique characteristics, gifts, and skills.

Character-Based means that we are focused on intentionally planting and nurturing seeds of solid, positive, healthy development that lead to strong character throughout life.

Nature-Rich means that we value and enjoy nature and engage in caring for and connecting with the natural environment around us. Our large yard is filled with edible plants that the children help to plant, grow, care for - and eat! There are often many bug discoveries outside and lots of natural, creatively-sparked adventures happening on a daily basis.

Holistic means that we're attentive to the whole child and every part of their being when it comes to guiding and nurturing their development. 

Education from the Inside-Out means that we are attending to the internal development of children and their deeper needs and instincts. Doing this sets the stage for flourishing because what happens on the inside is what comes out most powerfully and most greatly guides and affects experience. 

Your child's growth matters to us and we're here to support them in this amazing process!

Toddler in preschool
mesa preschool in the garden


Ages 4.5-5 years

Our private Pre-K/Kindergarten program is a hand-on, play-centered class with a balance between child-led and teacher-led activities and gradual exposure to academic subjects as a means for expanded exploration and natural learning.


Ages 3-4 years

Our preschool program is centered in nurturing relationships with teachers, positive collaboration with friends, rich opportunities for creative play, and plenty of time in nature. Class size is small and ratios are lower than standards.


Ages 1-2 years

Toddlers enjoy a nurturing and enriching experience in a small class of only 6 children.