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Our classes provide a wonderful time of play, fun, and learning for children.
They sing, paint, hear stories, and make friends. The day's gentle rhythm allows them to fully enjoy the rich world of play.
Mornings are filled with joyful movement and open-ended play, which nourish their senses and inspire their imagination.
Studies have shown that this play-based approach to learning in the early years is highly beneficial.
Apart from building social-emotional skills, it also lays a strong foundation for pre-literacy, math, and science.
These skills are developed imaginatively through play, storytelling, songs, rhyme, rhythm, movement, and plenty of opportunities for child-led inquiry in nature.
Our caring and experienced teachers provide children with a gentle, nurturing transition from home to school life.
Because of our small class sizes, teachers can connect with each child and family, welcoming them into our warm school community.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten
Kids Gardening


Ages 1-2 years

Our toddler community has been designed to encourage the natural development of children.
The thoughtfully prepared, homelike environment meets the toddler’s desire for order and movement while providing a safe and language-rich experience.


Ages 2.5 - 3.5 years

Our preschool community is centered in nurturing relationships with teachers, positive collaboration with friends, rich opportunities for creative play, and plenty of time in nature.


Ages 3.5 - 7 years

Our private Pre-K/Enrichment community is a hands-on, play-centered class with a balance between child-led and teacher-led activities and gradual exposure to academic subjects to expand exploration and natural learning.

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